A two-day meeting / training that brought together participants from Serbia and Bulgaria was held on June 25th and 26th in Nis. During the first day, the common basics and specifics in the historical development of local cuisines were presented. Although the regenerative characteristics are very similar, each region has its own specialties that characterize it and make it recognizable not only in the region but also in the world. Traditional cuisine is also connected with the national customs that were discussed. In the final part, they discussed possible cooperation in the promotion of the region, the development of the tourist offer and appearance on wider markets.

The first day ended with the ceremonial awarding of the Golden Plaque to the association Pravi korak by the Union of Craftsmen and Entrepreneurs of the region of southern Serbia.

The second day was dedicated to the demonstration in the preparation and tasting of traditional dishes and drinks, to the general satisfaction of the participants. Unfortunately, those of you who read these lines and look at the pictures will not be able to feel the taste and smell of wonderful traditional dishes. We hope that this will whet your appetite and create a desire for you to visit us and try it for yourself.