Project Description

Ingredients needed:

  • 30 large elder flowers,
  • 2 kg of sugar,
  • 1.5 liters of water,
  • 3 lemons.


Fresh and white flowers are picked that have not begun to darken. They should be processed immediately. The thick stems are cut and the flower is left to dry if it is wet. The flowers are placed without washing into a large pot. Before that, sugar syrup is boiled with water. Cook until the sugar has melted, and then cool completely before pouring over the flowers. Before that, sliced lemons are added to them. So everything rests for 48 hours, after which the juice must be filtered. First, carefully squeeze the large flowers with lemons, and then the small ones; all you can pick up with a strainer, finally the juice is filtered through a thin cloth. Pour into bottles and store in a dark and cool place. When consumed, dilute with water to taste.