Project Description


  • Aronia fruit – according to wishes and needs,
  • sugar.


The fruits are well washed and ground, and must be crushed beforehand, because their peel is very healthy. The resulting puree is mixed with sugar in a ratio of 1 liter of mixture: 750 g of sugar (for greater sweetness a ratio can be 1:1). The resulting mixture is poured into a glass jar, which is left in a dark and cool place for 48 hours. The juice is best prepared in late summer or early autumn, when the aronia fruits are ripe and suitable for obtaining the desired homemade juice. The fruits themselves are bitter, dark purple in color. They contain a high concentration of flavonoids and antioxidants.

Aronia syrup with lemon

Ingredients: 2 kg of aronia, 1 kg of lemon, 2.5 kg of sugar, citric acid.

Technology: Aronia (2 kg) and lemon (1 kg) are mixed in a blender. Strain through gauze and mix the juice with the sugar (2,5 kg). Put 1 g of lemon juice per liter of juice. Store without sterilization.