Project Description


The richness of the historical tourist and unusual offer of Nis is enriched by the development of wine tourism. Just a few kilometers from Nis, along the highway Nis Sofia, on the road of the Roman emperors, the Cellar of Malcha from 1903 represents a unique centuries-old synthesis of wine routes that crossed, passed, permeated and finally merged into a fairy tale worth mentioning .

The cellar tells this fairy tale through its unusual combination of tradition and culture of Roman emperors, Serbian rulers and old wine masters.

Lovers of wine and history can experience the “Journey through wine time” in a unique place, visiting four wine houses from four different time epochs and getting to know so many ways of cultivating wine.

Powerful and strong red dry wine, ruby red color.

Complex aroma that develops during the contact of wine with air, best in a decanter. A very extractive, dense wine that has pronounced tertiary aromas created by aging. An important characteristic of this wine is the exceptional tannin structure which gives this wine a striking character and also enables long storage in the bottle.

Wines of this category can be aged in the bottle for 10 to 15 years and will get better over time.

The varietal composition is Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.epoch and meet so many ways of nurturing wine.