Traditional drinks of cross-border region translated


Publication Traditional drinks of the cross border region Serbia-Bulgaria was ressult of joint efort of both partners. Engaged experts collected material about each target region in the first phase. Material were exchanged between partners and translated to the other language. In the second phase single document was prodiced and translted to English. Here are all versions: BG_ТРАДИЦИОННИ НАПИТКИ НА ТРАНСГРАНИЧНИЯ РЕГИОН СЪРБИЯ-БЪЛГАРИЯ SR_ТРАДИЦИОНАЛНА ПИЋА ПРЕКОГРАНИЧНОГ РЕГИОНА СРБИЈА-БУГАРСКА EN_TRADITIONAL BEVERAGES OF THE CROSS-BORDER REGION SERBIA-BULGARIА The website is co-funded by EU through the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria–Serbia Programme. This website has been produced with the assistance of [...]

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Training modules published


Training modules for capacity building in the tourism sector are available to all persons interested in improving their knowledge and skills in tourism sector. Each module is devoted to specific tourism sector and the lecturing is divided in topics giving readers practical information. At the end of each module is a list of questions suitable for self-assessment testing. The modules covers the most propulsive skills in tourism: OM1_Hotel industry_management_EN ОМ2_Restaurant_management_EN ОМ3_Food_and_drink_management_EN ОМ4_Event management_EN ОМ5_Innovative tips and practices_tourism_EN. You can use modules as whole documents or can read them divided in the topics on this platform [...]

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Training modules for capacity building in the tourism sector


Leading skills in the hospitality industry Kyustendil Chamber of Commerce and Industry has prepared training modules for capacity building in the tourism sector. You need basic qualifications in the hospitality sector. This module should improve your knowledge and understanding. Knowing and understanding hotel management through this module is just the beginning of your learning process. The general knowledge presented in this module is applicable worldwide. Because hotels are similar all over the world. The prepared modules have educational content and a set of questions and answers. This will be arranged as a set of [...]

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Capacity building for e-learning in the field of tourism


In the first part of Activity 1, a research was conducted on the current needs and potentials of stakeholders, as well as the capacity to use e-learning models in the tourism sector in the cross-border region. Based on this analysis and taking into account modern trends in the field of tourism, an appropriate program has been prepared. The program has been edited and translated so that it can be used by all target groups in the cross-border region, as well as all interested all who use English. Here are all three versions: PODIZANJE KAPACITETA ZA E-learing U OBLASTI TURIZMA, ПОВИШАВАНЕ [...]

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