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In order to build capacities and to improve the knowledge and practical skills of the human resources of the tourism industry PP will organize and host a joint training workshop on “Traditional meals and beverage of the common cross-border region”. The training will be organized as a 2 (two) day event in Serbia which will gather 20 participants (10 of Serbia and 10 of Bulgaria). The training will bring together owners and managers of tourism businesses; chefs and cooks working in the field of tourism; barmans, waiters, young people and students studying for chefs, cooks and barman, waiters; trainers. The course will contain topics on: Specific domestic meals and beverages in the region from both side of the border. Developed products under activities 4 and 5 will be used in for Training resources. A special practical part of the workshop will produce various typical meals of the cross-border region of Bulgaria and Serbia.